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Lecture 5

THEA 1100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Color Temperature, Dry Cleaning

Course Code
THEA 1100
Peter Mc Kinnon

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Costumes are always designed by someone other than the wearer
You never say your negative opinion on the clothing designed for you
oActions that can’t be done such as ripping clothes o could be
expressed, these are technical issues
Costumes should use colour strongly
Clothing always follows fashion
Men jackets are always the same, two button or 3 button
Costumes are "exible, historical, contemporary, etc. Historical plays are
extremely expensive
Costumes always reveal character
What are the elements of costume?
Cloaks, skirts, pants, shoes, monocles, hats, underwear, socks, canes,
jewelry, etc.
oCane: is it a costume item or prop? Usually goes to the least busy
A costume is de)ned as everything from the skin out, including the skin
oVery often, underwear is provided for actors to be worn under the
Dierence between costumes and clothing:
More Durable
Frequently washed
Speci)c to character
Made to measure
Speci)c to a time period
Made to be worn on stage
Colour hues are dierent
Costume designer chooses what’s to be worn on stage
Women’s work
Hand stitching
Embroidery, etc.
How does a costume designer get work and works thereafter?
Starts with a phone call
You then read the play
Meets with the director
Do research on the concept: could include playwright, interior, production,
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