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Lecture 11

THEA 1200 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Bertolt Brecht, Epic Theatre, Poiesis

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THEA 1200
Alberto Guevara

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Epic Theatre
“Epic theatre” was a form of political theatre which- drawing from various
theatre traditions, including Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and Russian –sought
to engage audience members in social critique and action.
Bertolt Brecht
We are becoming hypnotized in the tradition theatre form and jolt us out of
that trance and into critical thinking
You do not identify with the character because it’s odd, but it makes you ask
the question as to why they are doing this
Brecht would try to represent violence in dissimilar ways to familiarize
ourselves with
oPeople were desensitized as a result of this
oE.g. Mother Courage’s silent scream
Cont’d 3
There is a distant between the character and the actor; you never actually
become the character
Cont’d 4
It is an epic story telling rather than the up and down plot (aristelion)
Brecht wrote his plays in a di0erent historical context
Mother courage was set in
Performance Ethnography Slideshow
Slide 2
A method of research that looks of people or cultures through the researcher
Slide 4
Rather than homo sapiens, we are homo performers”
Victor wanted to take these rituals and bring them to the audience
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You the researcher are also performative
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