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Lecture 5

THEA 3331 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Royal Ontario Museum, Theatricality, Liminality

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THEA 3331
Alberto Guevara

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Globalization & Performance
Performance and Tourism
1) What is the relationship between the modern practice of tourism and the built
2) How does this relationship inform the performance or theatricality of power in
To satisfy tourism, performances have been found, redesigned and reinvented
Built Tourist Environments
How people build a certain image to present to other cities
Guggenheim Museum
Michael Lee-Chin Royal Ontario Museum
Tourism and cultural (national) objectives
Audiences (tourists), art, spectacles
Economic revitalization
oSome sites become preserved, whereas others become abandoned
oSome purpose is to generate money, political, and cultural goals
“In this process of ampli7cation and suppression, buildings, cities and entire
countries have been remapped by tourism initiatives to serve political
cultural, economic, and scholarly goals” (Lasansky 2004, 1).
A site is where a process of mediation takes place. Mediation between
globalization, economic, cultural, political and aesthetic mediations
oThe built environment moves away from past con;ict
Alternate readings of the city, region, and entire country
oA peaceful destination
A force and process through which sites are experienced and as a shaping
cultural force which has reinterpreted those sites
Discoursive spaces, these frame the city, region and country as a cultural
creative spectacle that can be consumed and experienced in di>erent ways
by di>erent people
A new moment in the revolution of society
Politics of appearance: the politics to appeal di>erently than what you are, a
way to confront and reverse the forces of such as unemployment, extremism,
violence, negativity, etc.
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