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Lecture 8

THEA 1900 Lecture 8: January 16

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THEA 1900
Alberto Guevara

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o ! "
")#"* +
1 2"3#4
 
"  #"
85#""" *#"# *
" ##9
o- #
o-"*#"" # "67;"#."" #
o" /#""
0" 
o-.""" "
$ &#""#
$ = "
>$ # "#
$ "?##
@$ ("
$ '"
$ (2" #"
A$ #"
B$ ="
C$ 0""
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January 16, 2015  Theatre? o Define: The activity of producing, writing, performing, or organizing performances of plays. o Origins:  Ancient Rituals  Storytelling  Theatre and its audience (relationship between them) o How does the theatre connect to its audience?  Exaggerated/realistic plays.  Connects through the consensus of feelings  It makes you ‘feel’ a certain way o How does it represent culture, ethnicity, and other social and cultural aspects of the human condition?  The stage drama and the framing of feelings o Feelings -> perception of what’s happening  “Feeling draws us into the symbolic universe of the theatrical performance by connecting us emotionally with the character”  Inter-subject connection o Shapes the way we discover ourselves.  The functions of set design o Environment for the action of the play o Establishes the emotional atmosphere -> Visual expression of the mood of the play  Light, furniture, set design o Defines time/place of actions and characters  Financial status, fears, etc.  Creates appropriate mood o Express ideas and themes  Factors for set design 1. Analysis and interpretation of the play 2. Production meetings 3. Technical demands of the play 3.i. Does it require a lot of technology? 4. Stage space 5. Research 6. Sketches and models 7. Technical drawings 8. Properties and 9. Construction and paintings  Theatre and Feelings o Was the architecture? o Was it the actors’ rhetoric in the place? o Was it the history and culture?  Affective forces o “Affect is part of a larger cognitive system which does not operate on the command- control principles…which include perception and memo
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