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Electricity 9/27/2012 9:58:00 AM Conductors: Aluminum, gold, copper, WATER – our bodies are 60%, don’t get electrocuted Non conductors: Rubber, plastic, glass Currents:  Direct current o Usually lower voltage o Electrons flow in one direction o Most common example: a battery  Alternating current o A magnetic field induces current in a conductor as it passes through it o 2 big magnets – coils rotate 60x per second o U ground connectors, twist lock connectors Circuits:  series circuits o if one lamp breaks they all go out  Christmas tree lights  Parallel circuits o If one goes out the rest just get a bit brighter from the extra electricity  Combination o If one breaks they all continue o But if you flip a switch all the lights go out  Bedroom/house lighting The electricity in this theatre:  120 volts  60 hertz (electron cycles back and forth)  alternating current  single phase (unless it’s a large motor)  120volts A/C, single phase, 60 hertz Basic Electricity:  The water analogy – the difference in water levels represents potential for flow measured in VOLTS and in our case is constant at 120V (see figure 1 in notes)  The amount of water (electricity) flowing is measured in amperage (watts) and depends on the  The amount of actual work done by the turbine is measured in WATTAGE and depends on the potential (VOLTS) and actual flow (AMPS)  WATTS = VOLTS X AMPS  Amount of work being done = the potential for flow x the rate of flow  The instrument’s wattage = 120v x X  West VirginA – WVA  A = w/v Two types of protection:  Circuit breaker o
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