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Visual Arts
VISA 1120

The term for the modern progressive movement in typography of the 1920s, the New Typography was first used by Moholy-Nagy in 1923. He included the phrase in a catalogue essay that accompanied the Bauhaus exhibition held in Weimar. Both the phrase and the aesthetic caught the eye of Jan Tschichold. He had worked for several years as a calligrapher while becoming gradually more involved in the field of typography. Profoundly moved by what he saw at the Weimar Bauhaus exhibition, and energized by his acquaintances Moholy-Nagy and Lissitzky. Tschichold established himself as a leading voice in the declaration of the New Typography. He created two seminal publications outlining the theory and practice of a wide range of avant-garde designers. The first one was in 1925, when he edited a special issue of the Leipzig journal Typographische Mitteilungen “Typographic News” He set out to establish a standardized set of principles for the New Typography that could be easily grasped by printers unfamiliar with modern art and design. The contributors to Elementary Typography included Moholy-Nagy, Bayer (Bauhaus), Lissitzky, Schwitters. It included the Russian Constructivist manifesto of 1920 and some excerpts from Bauhaus publications. Important formal principles of the New Typography include: orthogonal design, bold rules, positive use of negative space, asymmetry and sans serif lettering. While on the one hand Tschichold's work see
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