VISA 1900 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Piet Mondrian, J. M. W. Turner, Vanishing Point

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25 Aug 2016
ARTH Week One with “Formal Analysis and Style” Notes
Formal analysis: analysis of the form the artist produces (line, shape, colour, space and value);
subjective and discusses the impact of the style
o“form” as a base word; can describe how a 3D work extends into space
oCategories (painting, sculpture, etc.); Subcategories (acrylic, oil etc.); Support (canvas
oLine: a point longer than it is wide; used for definition, shading, depth, motion; describe
its thickness, curve
oShape: mostly enclosed 2D object (Form is 3D)
oSpace: area that artist uses for a particular purpose
oValue: how light / dark something is
Hue: actual colour (green, blue…)
Value: relative brightness
Saturation: relative strength of hue (vivid / pale)
Description: impersonal inventory; relatively obvious, and objective
Style: distinctive way in which an artist uses form
Form: the application of techniques to certain materials
Idealism: things depicted as they should be / as one wishes they were
Realism: things depicted as they are
Composition: where shapes are located, how they sit in relation to each other, etc.
Elements of Art: buildings blocks that artists may use
Principles of Art: ways in which an artist employs the elements of art
2 point perspective: two vanishing points to left and right
3 point: a vanishing point in the vertical is added
Week 2:
Lecture Notes:
Make sure you take lots of notes about a piece!
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