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Biological Sciences
Ken Scott

Lecture 4 Vitamin B12 and C Saturday 22 September 2012 1006 pm Vitamin B12 Vitamin B12Vit B12 is cyanocobalamin and it is on of very few biological molecules that incorporate a cobalt atomKnown as extrinsic factorFound in liver whole milk eggs oysters shrimp pork and chickenRecommended daily intake 3 micrograms per a day50 that is ingested is absorbedIngested B12 forms a complex with intrinsic factor a protein secreted by gastric cells that binds the vitamin and helps transport it across the intestinal wall Similarities between folic acid and B12Anaemia is a result of both deficiencies Severe neurological symptoms are present in B12 deficiency but not in folic acidB12 is needed to add a methyl group to homocysteine by methione synthase B12 is a cofactor for this reaction The reaction will not proceed if the body is 12 deficientThis is called the methylfolate trap Folate cannot return to the folate pool to be used in other reactions that require it this causes the B12 deficiency to like a lack of folate The folate trap has a downstream effect effecting several reactions that require folate Treatm
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