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University of Auckland
Population Health
Dr.Laura Wilkinson- Meyers

MODULE1 Lecture 2 • What is health? • Has many definitions • Dominant definition; absence of disease Can be thought of in terms of individuals or populations • • What is a Health System? • All activities whose primary purpose is to promote, restore or maintain health • They exist to improve the health of individuals and populations • They aim to improve health outcomes, protect from the cost of illness and respond to needs a preferences of pop • Accessibility, quality & efficiency of the health system affects these goals Lecture 3 • Healthsystemsconsistof; • Health services • Health care services; primary, secondary & tertiary • Public health services • Health system activities Policy (lobbying, implementing) • • Management (e.g. DHBs, MoH, etc) • Payment •Sourcing services & paying for them Funding - taxes, insurance • • Research of patterns of illness & disease & development of treatment • And health professionals Lecture 4 • Defining primary care • Distinction between primary & secondary care dates back to 1920s • Mid 20th century onward, technological advancements in medical care • Health care spending grew for hospitals • 20th century very focused on hospital care not primary • High income countries - changing health needs • Greater prevalence of long term & complex conditions • Many services that used to be provided in hospitals now provided in community • ALMA ATA 1978 • Health care is a right • Goal: health for all by 2000 • Participation • Solidarity- countries coming together but also coming together within countries • Primary medical care: • Cure, doctor, treatment for an episode of illness • Single handed practice • Primary health care: • Prevention, continuous & comprehensive care • Work in
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