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Population Health
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Dr.Laura Wilkinson- Meyers

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Lecture 8 • New Zealand Organisations ACC • • Public org run by a board • Funded through taxes, vehicle registration, employer levies • Payer - compulsory insurance for all NZ citizens Unique scheme • • PHOs • Private non-profit, governed by boards consisting of health professionals (usually GPs) and community members Funding - MoH & DHBs • • Provide PHC services to local pop • Key of Primary Healthcare Strategy 2001 • 32 in NZ • First one established in 2003 but now over 95% of NZers covered by one • Funded according to characteristics of pop e.g. high needs, old, ethnicity • PHOs receive payments for meeting quality and service delivery targets; means GPs must meet govt targets e.g. vaccinations • Integrated Family Health Centres • Private non-profit • Funded by DHBs • Function; to provide integrated family health care services • Other non profit providers • Te
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