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Business Data Communications and Networking Chapter 9 - Wide Area Networks.pdf

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Arno Leist

Wide Area Networks Common Carriers: MANs and WANs are typically built by using leased circuits from common carriers such as Chorus Ltd. They can provide: - voice - data over voice - voice over data WANs can use common carrier networks: - Circuit-Switched Networks - Dedicated-Circuit Networks - Packet-Switched Networks WANs can also use Public Networks: - Virtual Private Networks Circuit-Switched Networks Oldest and simplest WAN approach Basic types: - POTS – Plain Old Telephone Service - ISDN – Integrated Services Digital Network Simple, flexible and inexpensive Low data transmission rates Dedicated-Circuit Networks Leased full duplex circuits from common carriers To create point to point links between organizational locations. Architectures: - Ring - Star - Mesh Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) ANSI standard for optical fiber transmission in Gbps range. Begins with OC-1 at 51.84 Mbps Goes up to OC-3072 at 159.25 Gbps Packet Switched Networks Enable multiple connections to exist simultaneously between computers over the same physical circuits. Two methods: - connectionless – Datagram - connection-oriented – Virtual Circuit Types of Virtual Circuits: Permanent Virtual Circuit – common, established for long duration. Switched Virtual Circuit – established dynamically on a per call basis. Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Provides packet switching service, type of service protocol Characteristics: - performs encapsulation of packets - Provides no error control - Scalable, easy to multiplex Virtual Private
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