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227 .205
Peter Davie

Week 2a Equine Distal Limb 3 227.205 Comparative Veterinary Anatomy Thursday, July 25, 2013. 9a.m. SSLB3 1) Diagrams Check Ligaments Tendon Sheaths Cases Of The Day Foot Hoof 2) Stay apparatus of the left forelimb, lateral view. A. Tendon of serratus ventralis B. Internal tendon of biceps brachii C. Lacertus fibrosus D. Extensor carpi radialis E. Common digital extensor F. Extensor branch of interosseus G. Collateral ligament of elbow H. Superficial digital flexor I. Proximal check ligament (= accessory ligament of SDF) J. Deep digital flexor K. Distal check ligament (= accessory ligament of DDF) L. Suspensory ligament or Interosseus 3) Digital Extensor Tendons dorsal surface of forelimb Interosseus▯S(uspensory Ligamentdeep to the SDF AND DDF Digital Flexor Tendons-palmar aspect of forelimb. - composed of SDF and DDF 4) DDFT- deeper to SDFT distal check ligament from DDFT - from the palmar carpal ligament distal to the carpus to the DDF middle of the cannon bone. Proximal check ligament from SDFT for the forelimb only arises from proximal to the carpus. 5) Check Ligaments Proximal to the carpus/tarsus the SDF and DDF are fleshy. Muscle as a tissue is relatively soft and easily torn if stretched beyond its normal range of motion. Check ligaments act like the chain on the bungee cord to the right, allowing a muscle to move within ts normal range, but mechanically reventing over- stretchi ng if a muscle is pulled to a certain point. checkligament givesstability to prevent the digital joints from overextension. 6) Tendon Sheaths suspensory ligament insert onto the sesamoid bone. 7) The Digital Sheath ▯The DDFT (13) shares a synovial digital sheath (14) with the SDFT (18) at the lev el of the fetlock joint. The sheath begins a few centimetres proximal to the fetlock joint and ends level with the middle of PII. It lubricates the passage of the tendons over the bearing surface. It is a common site of Inflammation and, when distended, bulges most noticeably above the proximal sesamoid bones. Although the sheath is in close proximity to the fetlock, pastern & coffin joint s and to the navicular bursa, these cavities do not commun ▯icate. 8) Applied Anatomy: Swollen Fetlock DSW4 fig. 23-26, p. 607 the digital sheath extends a few centimetres above the fetlock joint and ends mi dway at the level middle to p2 When there is a swallon fetlock. needle should be inserted into the palmar pouch of the fetlock joint and not the digital sheath. to diffrentiate these ,apply some local pressure on the palmar aspect of the fet lock joint to the area that the needle is going to be inserted, .Since the fetlock synovial pouch has a dorsal extension as well as a palmar ext ension., when pressure is applied on the palmar aspect this is shown as a bulging in the dorsal aspect. if the pre ssure was applied on the digital sheath , there will be no bulging on the dorsal surface. 9) Digital Extensor Tendons-dorsal aspect of limb Interosseus▯S(uspensory Ligament- deep to SDFT AND DDFT Digital Flexor Tendons- on palmar aspect of that forelimb Extent of Digital Synovial Sheath- few centimetres above the fetlock joint and e nds midway the level to p2 10) Carpal & Tarsal Synovial Structures Right Hock: Dorsal View DSW4 fig. 24-10, p. 633 1) long digital extensor 2) laterodorsal pouches of tarsocrural joint 3)mediodorsal pouches of the tarsocrural joint Left Carpus: Lateral View DSW4 fig. 23-16, p. 599 1)radiocarpal joint capsule 2)midcarpal joint capsule 3)carpometacarpal joint capsule 4)tendon sheath of extensor carpi radialis 5)tendon sheath of common digital extensor 6)tendon sheath of lateral digital extensor 7)tendon sheath of SDF and DDF 8)tendon sheath of ulnaris lateralis 9)lateral collateral ligament (goes obliduely over tendon sheath of the lateral digital extensor) 3 extensor retinaculum of the lateral digital extensor = proximal middle and dis tal Foot= within the hoof? Digit= from the fetlock and below. 11) The location and extent of the synovial structures of the digit, including joint spaces and pouches, bursae, and tendon sheaths is essential know ledge. Of particular clinical importance are: (a) the location of the synovial sheath shared by the DDFT and SDFT (the digital sheath) synovial sheaths are thing walled, double layered, fluid filled tubes enveloping stretches of tendons; they protect the tendonds where they are exposed to wear. digital sheath serves both superficial and deep flexor tendon. extends from abov e the fetlock joint to the middle of P2. the deep flexor tendon is wholly enveloped. the palmar surface of the digita she ath is covered by the annular ligament of the fetlock joint and by the prox. and dist. digital li gaments (b) the location of the bursa (the navicular bursa) protecting the DDFT from excessive friction against the navicular bone. located between the dee p flexor tendon and t
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