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Business Studies
Diane Ruwhiu

n COVER STORYThats how we growAt the Boeing leadership Center near St louis people from around Boeing come to learn understand challenge and share ideasBoB FERGuSoN PHoToAll around Boeing the companys leadersincluding many Better leaders make for better without the formal manager titleare modeling the companys leadership attributes see box on Page 15 These attributes help emcompanies heres why Boeing ployees and their teammates grow personally and professionally The attributes also help explain why leadership is linked to employee enstresses leaders teaching leadersgagement an environment that values employee ideas and contributionsand continued growth for Boeing Leadership development truly is about living the attributes and By roBert sterlingopening up our culture across the company said JulieEllen Acostaontinuous improvement is critical to increasing Boeings vice president of Leadership Development The goal of every leadcompetitiveness That includes continuous improvement in er must be to create an atmosphere that gives all employees the Cleadership skills in alignment with the companys shared chance to make a difference Thats how people grow and thats sense of purpose and values and in how readily the people of why theyll choose to remain with Boeing Boeing transfer best practices and lessons learned said Chairman The challenge Acosta said is ensuring this happens at every President and Chief Executive Officer Jim McNerney level Developing leaders requires a deliberate onecompany apOne of Boeings greatest advantages is its intellectual scalethe proach one that involves alignment and a lot of creativity with inbroad and deep range of experience that employees bring to the table put from all areas of the company she said It also must have Among our challenges is to figure out how to mine those ideas and complete commitment from the topand we do Our senior leadthat expertise apply them wherever they make the most sense across ership believes developing people is one of the most important jobs the entire company and develop better leaders in the process he we have and theyre as much a part of that as anyonehas saidWhen customers select our products and services they choose August 2007BOEING FRONTIERS
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