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University of Otago
Business Studies
Diane Ruwhiu

5briefing latestnewsAVIATIONDreamliner to be multibillion earner for britainextend the life of aircraft and The Dreamliner begins optimise their performanceits maiden flightOne notable feature of the 787 is the ice Protection System on its wings Developed in partnership by GKN aerospaces Luton facility and Ultra Electronics this is the first use of an allelectric wing leading edge iPS and comprises lightweight composite slats with embedded electrical heating elements and integral temperature control sensors and fault detectionrollsroyce one of two engine suppliers for the 787 along with General Electric optimised the trent 1000 specifically for the aircraft with plane and engine more integrated than ever By Lorna Sharpecomposites in its construction the trent 1000 engine casing before as a bleedless engine it it will be 20 per cent more fuelhelped rollsroyce achieve cost not only offers reduced fuel burn US aircraft manufacturer efficient than the 767 which it is and performance targets and weight but also enables Boeing has completed initial designed to replace with correanother aMrc project with more power to be transferred to airworthiness testing on the spondingly lower emissions MessierDowty reduced the aircrafts electrical systems new 787 Dreamliner which Despite programme delays machining time for parts made for functions such as pressumade its maiden flight in Seattle caused by technical and supply from a novel titanium alloy from rising and airconditioning the on 15 December 2009chain issues the company has 54 hours to 11 hourscabin rollsroyce already has as the flight test programme secured orders for 840 787s from cranfield University also has firm sales of over 600 engines progresses the company has 55 customers and expects to a strategic relationship with and is preparing to ramp up been speaking about the very make the first deliveryto all Boeing with research interests production as the aircraft goes substantial British input to the Nippon airwaysby the end of in many areas that directly into commercial serviceDreamliner in fact when the this yearimpact the 787 programme celebrating the contributions aircraft is fitted with rollsWith so much new technology including environmental of all 13 partners and many royce engines around a quarter in the 787 Boeing has chosen to impacts air transport operaorganisations in their supply of its value can be attributed to form close relationships with a tions and power and propulsion chains Boeing UK president Sir UK contributions from 13 relatively small number of the Universitys integrated roger Bone commented this industry partnersacademic institutions One is Vehicle Health Management programme is going to be a the 787 is Boeings nextthe University of Sheffields iVHM centre was set up in multibillionpound earner for generation longrange aircraft advanced Manufacturing partnership with Boeing to UK industry in the decades to INGenotable for the extensive use of research centre whose work on develop technologies that will comeBOPROFESSIONHOW MUCH MOneY DO YOU MAKetHE aVEraGE salary for it research released last month average starting salary for 32612 compared with just 26642 and engineering professionals by umbrella organisation trainee grade roles is 19034 for their counterpart working in in the UK stands at just over EngineeringUK found that with little difference between it computer operations30000 research commissioned technology graduates are among staff and engineers By the time a similar pattern emerged by the iEt has foundthe most employable with 943 an individual has attained among different engineering Salary survey specialist per cent in work three years after professional status such as disciplines with a civil engineer cELrE questioned iEt Business graduation second only to chartered engineer the average earning an average basic salary Partner companies with each medicine and dentistry Median has risen to 30135 again with of 31360 while an engineer salary three years into an completing a questionnaire little differenceworking in a rail or related engineering career is 28000 providing data on salaries paid the factor that does have an function earned a basic average to their staff Some 35 companies again second only to medicine impact on salary is job function salary of 29879provided data on 28459 individdentistry and veterinary practicefor example an analyst working the iEt anticipates opening uals salaries at 1 april 2009in systems development can the survey up to include other wwwtheietorgsalarysurveythe results suggest that an expect an average salary of employers in future yearswwwtheietorgmagazine 6 February19 February 2010 engineeringTechnologyNews5C2201R536indd 529110 131856
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