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University of Otago
Tikashi Shogimen

French Revolution Lecture How and why did it begin What was it What happened th14 July 1789 The Bastille The Declaration of the Right of Man thOn the 14 of July 1789 800 people attacked The Bastille For Paris the Bastille was a symbol of French monarchyIn August1789 the national assembly of France adopted a historic document The Declaration of the Rights of Man Freedom of religion speech press law ect In other words it was a statement of human rightsVarious clubs soon began to form which were the precursors to todays political parties Ie Radical extreme Jacobins lead by Loius de SaintJust and the Cordeliers lead by Camille Desmoulins Shortly after the French King decided to leave France He failed when news leaked that he tried to escape and the people became violent By September 1792 the Kings power was suspended here ththe French War ended as the execution of Loise 16 in 1793 took place The King was executed by a then newer version of a guillotine One that he himself told the council they needed to modernise ironyShortly after The Reign of Terror took place in 179394 Maxemellion effectively a
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