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Donna Buckingham

24/04 Lecture 15: The Interpretation Act:  Not very much of what Donna is saying is examinable- the article by David McGee, and an amendment after that which are examinable.  Do not need to remember the citations in an essay- if you want to say the skycity case, just write “Skycity”. th  May 9 , writing an opinion on a piece of legislation under pressure. Interpretation Act: Context  Roots in the New Zealand Law Commission- law reform body  Made the proposal that they make legislation as easy as possible to read and understand.  Drafted a statute, and long after some of it came into force as an amended version of the Interpretation Act.  Purpose Section-  A new component in legislation  Does not carry more weight than any other section, neither will it override other sections  Amendments to Interpretation Act:  Quilter- lots of references which excluded non-married couples and were therefore discriminatory.  So to all of these sections, was added “de facto partner, civil union etc.” and definitions of these were added to the Interpretation Act. 2. Purposes of this Act- the purposes of this Act are- (a) to state principles and rules for the interpretation of legislation; and (b) to shorten legislation; and (c) to promote consistency in the language and form of legislation.  The Law is a social contract which binds us- we all need to be able to understand that law.  If law is consistent in appearance, language, drafting etc. would make it much easier to debate and get through Parliament.  Commission talked about tense, size of sentences, language used, format and use of “white space”- plain drafting. Law commission proposal: An enactment comes into force 28 days after the day on which, in the case of an Act, it is assented to, or, in the case of regulations, it is made.  In order for the law be disseminated, so the population could know how to adhere to the new law. INTERPRETATION ACT 1999 8. Date of commencements of Acts- (1) An Act… comes into force on the date stated or provided in the Act for the commencement of
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