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Medical Laboratory Science
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Jenny Rhodes

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MELS223 Lecture 18 9/5/2013 4:07:00 PM Don’t want whole lot of cytokine flowing through your body. Cytokines control immune responses. Just by tweaking cytokine production in immune diseases can fix it. Controls direction of immune response. Part of local activation – bring in new cells. Amplitude- activates other cells, response gets bigger and bigger Duration – number of cytokines during immune response determines how long the immune response will last for. Communication Network Form specific system between: Cells of immune system – immune system and other organs too. Pleiotropic functions= more than one effect – overlapping or contradictory. Regulation of cytokines Need tight regulation. Must be recognized by specific receptor on cell. Higher expression of cytokine receptor = more cytokine Measure cytokine receptor on cells – indirect way of seeing if cytokine is there Balance of cytokines regulate immune response Pro-inflammatory cytokines and anti-inflammatory cytokines Too many cytokines  systemic inflammation  severe sepsis Anti-inflammatory cytokines settle everything down again. Endogenous pyrogens – increase thermoregulatory set-point in hypothalamus. Up-regulate synthesis of other pro-inflammatory cytokines – positive feedback loop. IL-1, IL-6 TNFalpha – local immune response feedback to liver – helps activate compliment (acute phase protein) Cytokines also work on your muscles Act on other immune cells – adaptive immune system Cytokine storm – large quantities
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