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Medical Laboratory Science
Jenny Rhodes

MELS223 Lecture 17 9/4/2013 4:02:00 PM Acute inflammation  Heat, Pain, Redness, Swelling  Ongoing series of events  Network of molecules and pathways  Positive and negative feedback loops Self vs Non self - recognition of pathogens by immune system. Immune response against peptide – may be against self! Lactobacillus and E coli 0157:H7 looks the same. How does immune system distinguish between them? ‘foreign’ pathogens must express molecules that mark them as foreign Immune cells must be able to recognize these ‘foreign’ molecules PAMPs= pathogen associated molecular patterns PRRs = PAMP / patter recognition receptors Pattern recognition outcomes Transcription factors.  Activates genes for inflammatory cytokines, inflammatory chemokines Pattern recognition receptors need to be all over bacterium (in and out) Pattern Recognition Receptor Signalling Receptor  adaptor/scaffold proteins  signaling proteins/second messengers  (inhibitor unblockers)  transcription factors  genes  proteins  cells MyD88 vs TRIF as adaptors Transcription factors produces RIG-I Like Receptors Recognises viral specific patterns RIG-1, MDA5 Transmit signal through common adaptor protein. C-type Lectin Receptors Recognizes Candida Dectin 1, Dectin 2, Mannose Receptor Anti-fungal response Mincle – recognizes Malassezia spp and trehalose dimyco
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