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University of Otago
Medical Laboratory Science
Jenny Rhodes

MELS223 Lecture 4 7/18/2013 4:04:00 PM Avian influenza: H5N1 – low infectivity, high mortality Swine flu: H1N1 Lecture objectives To study the natural history of four infectious diseases. Define terms acute, chronic, asymptomatic, latent To distinguish between different bacterial “strategies” which lead to evolutionary success. To discuss the importance of carriage of pathogens. 
Brock “Biology of Microorganisms” 13th ed. Carriers p.946– 947; Influenza p. 986; Tuberculosis 979–980. The science of epidemiology p. 942 (12th ed.” Carriers p821-822; Influenza p862–864; tuberculosis p854–856; epidemiology pp. 942– 943).

Further Reading on Cryptosporidium at: crypto/ Encountering a pathogenic microorganism 1. Period of multiplication  Eliminated Transmitted to new host  Asymptomatic infection  Symptomatic infection  Colonised Pathogen strategies  End point = want to colonise and invade, replicate in our bodies  WORLD DOMINATION!! Host provides: nutrients, water, temperature, osmolarity, pH conditions To microbe, production of disease.. Helpful – diarrhoea. Spreads to new host Unhelpful – kills host! Neutral (sometimes, accidental side effect like tetanus)  Remain in host long term, disease (chronic). Lots of opportunity to transmit to a new host  Remain in host short term, but high infectivity (acute)  Remain in host, no symptoms of disease ( asymptomatic, latent)  Part of normal microflora  Humans not main reservoir (eg. Environ
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