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PDD’s Autism:  Impairment in social interaction e.g. lack of eye contact, lack of appropriate facial expressions  Impairment in communication e.g. delay or total lack of language development, impairment in ability to initiate or sustain conversation, very literal (don’t understand humour)  Restricted or repetitive behaviours e.g. preoccupation with one thing, movement e.g. spinning, routine and sameness  Genetically determined  Present before 3 years old  More common in males  Often no period of normal development Aspergers  Impaired social development e.g. diminished eye contact, unusual facial expressions and body language, fail to develop peer relationships  Restricted, repetitive patterns of behaviour, interests and activities e.g. extreme preoccupation with a topic where lots of facts and info are gathered – these are pursued in great depth and great intensity  Initially normal development  Present after 3 years of age  More common in males  No significant delays in cognitive and language development To summar
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