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Dione Healey

PSYC203- Depression and Suicide  Suicide and Depression -Variance of expressions -belief that others would be better off if one were dead -transient recurring thoughts of committing suicide -concrete plans and means to commit suicide -Variance in frequency, intensity, and lethality -Variance in motivation -perception of insurmountable obstacles -intense desire to escape emotional pain -desire to feel, or to feel pain  Suicide in New Zealand -Epidemiology -In 2008, 512 self-inflicted deaths (73.4% males) -In the same year, 365 dies on the roads (65.2% males) -Maori youth suicide rate is higher than non-Maori -Self-inflicted death significantly more common among males -Self-inflicted injuries significantly more common among females -Age related differences (data from 1988-2008)  Risk Factors (Adolescents) -Mental Health: any disorder, depression, hopelessness, anxiety, eating disorders (females), substance misuse, low sef-esteem, sleep problems -Physical Health: general poor health, disability -Characteristics: homosexual orientation, sexual activity -Experiences: physical abuse, sexual abuse, suicidal behaviour in family and friends -Family: parental disharmony (indirectly), living apart from both parents, discord, (good communication with family is protective), unsupportive parents, too much or too little supervision, parental offending; physical ill-health among family is protective. -Education: poor academic achievement (indirect), poor school attendance, negative attitude towards school or school work, misconduct. -Peer Related: poor peer relationships, problems in relationships, (good peer relations do not appear to be protective)
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