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Dione Healey

PSYC203- Measuring Psychopathology  Why be concerned with psychometrics? 1. To identify boundaries of appropriate use -To avert misuse of abuse of measures 2. To know constraints on interpretation of results -Limits of meaning 3. To understand the construct(s) tapped by the measure. 4. TO ensure that patients can benefit from assessment practice.  Correlation -A measure of association. -Close to 0.0= bad, close to 1.0= good.  Reliability -The replicability of a score -The consistency or stability of a score across measurements -The proportion of true-score variance in a fallible score -Sources of Error and the Sampling universes: - Methodologies 1. Item content… -behaviour sampled by items -alternative form -domains of behaviour -split-half -internal consistency 2. Assessment episode -test-retest 3. Raters and Interviewers -constant errors -inter-rater -biases  Simple Validity -Validity is: -the meaningfulness of a score -the degree to which a score corresponds to the construct that the measure is assumed to quantify Methodologies for estimating validity: 1. Concurrent validity -correlation between a score and a criterion score 2. Predictive validity -correlation between a score and a criterion outcome 3. Content validity -the items represent the target universe 4. Face validity  Construct Validity -Construct validity involved a simple question -What is the construct that accounts for score variance? -But it is not easily demonstrated! -Construct validation: -merges with theoretical and empirical research -involves formulating and testing hypotheses  Construct Validity 1. A construct is defined implicitly, by a network of propositions. *Intrinsic Motivation Inventory for Schizophrenia Research -Interest/enjoyment -I enjoyed doing this activity very much -This activity was fun to do -I think this is a boring activity -Effort -I put a lot of effort into this -I tried very hard on this activity -It was important to me to do well at this task -Pressure/tension
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