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Gareth Treharne

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Part 1- L6 ODD/CD cont… Aetiology - Genetic influences o Early child temperament o High irritability and low frustration tolerance o Goodness of fit between child and adult- children become grumpier and then cycle between child and parent. o Also parents give in sometimes. - Parental psychopathology o Substance abuse, maternal depression (more irritated, less energy, no motivated to look after child) - Psychobiology o Drugs (cortisol) that heightens ability to cope with stress. o Lower autonomic activity. - Family influences o Family environments, poor supervision, substance abuse (large amounts time on drugs/alcohol therefore less time with children) o Substance abuse is seen as self-medicating o Harsh inconsistent punishment associated with not learning good emotion regulation. o Overly permissive parents (soft) always giving in to children, particularly ODD. - Etiological model o Pattersons bidirectional hypothesis o Social-cognitive/ information processing biases  vague/neutral scenario  ODD patient will think that there is still difference that someone is still being mean to the other when other people will judge the scenario as neutral o Peer influences  Particularly associated
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