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SOSC 111
Kevin Dew

Identity  Identity used to be much more stable and fixed  Class, work, nation, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, family  Today it is much more fragmented  Identity is your sense of self, how you place yourself in the world  Identity is about sameness and difference, “I belong to this group and I am different from this group”  Identity is multifaceted  Identity is tied up with narratives of self  Identity is about choosing and not choosing – sometimes you are just placed in categories whether you like it or not  Identity is personal and social – personal and collective, groups Class  For Marxists, class most fundamental source of identity  Objective class interests  The death of class in the past few decades Nation and nationalism  Collapse of the socialist Second International with First World War  Nationalism – the nation as powerful sense of belonging  Marxists view nationalism as an ideology (a mystification that serves class interests)  Rise of nationalist Right in Europe through 1990s – globalization, immigration, rising unemployme
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