Self and Socialization

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Kevin Dew

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Self and Socialization Durkheim  Durkheim concerned with social cohesion – how do you get a proper fit between the individual and society?  Threats to social cohesion caused by abnormal forms of the division of labour, by the market, by democracy  Desires can run ahead of what is realistic  How to reconcile individual freedoms with necessary moral control  Education as internalization of the moral order, plus the occupational guilds Functionalism  Functionalism takes up many of Durkheim’s emphases  Society as akin to an organism  Talcott Parsons (1902-1979)  System needs – adaption, goal attainment, integration, pattern maintenance (AGIL system) – which are achieved by sub-systems (economy, polity, societal community, fiduciary system)  Importance of the norms and roles  Parsons criticized for over-emphasizing consensus, ignoring conflict Feminism, Gender and Socialization  60’s counter culture – conflict and ideology  Louis
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