CLAS 102 Lecture Notes - Protogeometric Style, Absolute Dating, Relative Dating

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Classical Studies, Greek and Latin
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CLAS 102
Dr Diana Burton

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Greek art, myth and culture
Lecture 1
Problems with Greek art
-Nothing has a precise date.
-Relative dating- dating art works based on similar pieces.
-Absolute dating
-Pottery dated within a decade
-Dates are always approx
-Making Athens the centre of the world
-Athens was different to the rest of Greece so cannot be used to judge Greek art as a whole
Sub-Mycenean ware
C 1100-1000 BC
Greeks dropped into a ‘dark age’ 300 year struggle for survival. They forgot both their own language
and how to create art works. The population of Greece dropped 75% as the people lost their
creativity and focused more on basic actions that would preserve their lives. Vases appeared in
graves, but it is unknown what they are.
Protogeometric ware
c. 1000-900BC
Decoration is more careful, the lines are drawn straight and even; there is more decoration on the
vases. The artists have begun to think about the shape of the vase and match their decoration to it,
highlighting the features.
Vases used as urns. The people were buried where they were burnt, unlike later on when there were
graveyards outside the city limits. Burial was a status symbol for the living; the wealthy buried vases
and other expensive goods with their dead to impress the aristocrats and show their status. Ash urns
were gender based: Belly handled amphora were given to dead women, shoulder handled amphora
were given to men.
c. 850-800BC
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