ACCT 211 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Social Gospel, Red Scare, Platt Amendment

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5 Nov 2016
Chapter 16:
1.What was the movement for an Eight-Hour day? (PM Koslow)
They felt that their ability to control their life was shrinking. They have the right to work but also
the right to rest.
2. Two distinct ways that the Haymarket event has been remembered?
It was very influential to the labor movement. It eventually lead to getting an 8 hour work day
because people saw how it was affecting everyone
3. At the turn of the twentieth century, was an eight hour day the only issue in question in labor
No, age was also in question. Young children were working in horrible and dangerous
4. Social Gospel Movement
This movement applied chrisian ethics to social problems. Especially social justice issues like
poverty and alcoholism
5. Railroads
This increased the amount we were allowed to trade because it gave us an easier way to
transport goods. Railroads created many new jobs for americans
Chapter 17:
1. What did populist party want?
Wanted to represent the common folk, like farmers. They advocated for things like
public ownership of railroads and unlimited coinage of silver
2. Redeemers
Group of white southern plantation owners. The wanted to undo the legislations passed
during reconstruction. They cut funding for schools and hospitals and made life harder
for African americans
3. The Chinese immigrants
They were the first ones to be seen as illegal aliens. They eventually led to immigration
las that ould’t allo people ito the outry ithout perissio
4. Spanish Cuban war
It was so small and short. It only lasted for a couple months and there were little to no
5. Platt amendment
Cuba became ours and we would remove our troops.
Chapter 18:
1. Progressive Era
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