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Lecture 12

BIOL 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Sporangium, Sporophyte, Gametophyte

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The plant kingdom: seed plants
Review question:
What is the term for cone-like clusters of leaves bearing sporangia?
Heterospory:(required for spores)
Seed: a structure that includes a dormant plant embryo and a store of food, packaged
together within a protective coat
Protective coat is from megasporangium of the parent sporophyte
Remnant of entire female gametophyte is enclosed within the coat
Embryo is offspring sporophyte generation
Primary means of reproduction and dispersal of seed plants
Reproductively superior to spores on land (usually)
Protection by seed coat
Both seeds and spores are well protected
A dormant plant with leaves already formed
Embryo has big head start
A food supply
Lots of growth prior to photosynthesis
Two groups of seed plants:
Gymnosperm- “naked seed”
Seed is not surrounded by fruit
Seeds are totally exposed or borne on scales of cones (strobili)
Strobili: clusters of reproductive leaves bearing sporangia
Angiosperm- “seed enclosed in a vessel”
Produces seed within in a fruit
Also known as “flowering plants”
Vascular plants
Unlike bryophytes
Produces seeds
Unlike bryophytes and ferns
Produce wind-borne pollen grains
Pollen grains are male gametophytes
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