ENGL 003 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Tooltip, Jarmen

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1 Jun 2018
Command & Conquer(tm) Generals Zero Hour
(c) 2003 Electronic Arts Inc. All rights reserved.
For latest news and updates visit GENERALS.EA.COM
- - Incoming transmission - -
Several of our loyal supporters have passed along intelligence that has allowed
the Generals Intelligence Agency to uncover and repair several glitches in your
Zero Hour tactical software. Your software has been updated accordingly.
Good luck.
Generals Intelligence Agency
- - End transmission - -
Version 1.01 - December, 2003
Issues addressed:
Death Valley
Forgotten Forest
Hostile Dawn
Iron Dragon
Mountain Fox
North America
Red Rock
Seaside Mutiny
Dogs of War
Manic Aggression
The Frontline
2. TUNNEL NETWORK SPEED - Reduced the build time of GLA Tunnel Networks to
match that of Generals.
3. IMPROVED ONLINE STATS - Made improvements to the code that tracks statistics
for multiplayer ranks and battle honors in Generals Online.
4. NEW COMMAND LINE PARAMETERS - Added "-quickstart" and "-mod" command line
parameters to the Zero Hour executable.
5. BALANCE FIXES - Addressed balance issues for Jarmen Kell, the Pathfinder,
and the Alpha Aurora Bomber.
6. DISAPPEARING SUPPLY DOCKS - Fixed an issue that caused supply docks to
disappear during certain skirmish and LAN games.
7. CHINA HACKER FIX - Addressed an issue that caused Hackers located inside an
Internet Center to stop hacking indefinitely after the structure is attacked by
a Microwave Tank. Hackers now resume hacking after the Microwave Tank has
8. ADJUSTED CHAT SOUND EFFECT - Tweaked the audio cue for the communicator to
only alert users to an incoming chat message. The audio cue will no longer sound
for any non-chat related messages.
9. TEXT FIXES - Fixed text errors for the US Intelligence tooltip. It now
correctly displays a five-minute recharge time, instead of two minutes. Also
fixed text errors in the tooltips for the USA Drone Armor upgrade and China
Nuclear Tank upgrades.
10. CRASH BUGS - Addressed bugs that caused the game to crash if you drop a
bunker buster on garrisoned Tunnel Networks; and if you attempt to garrison the
castle in mission GLA05 with any more than 14 units.
11. BLACK LOTUS EXPLOIT - Fixed an issue that caused Black Lotus to capture
buildings as she is moving.
12. GLA BUILDING DESTRUCTION - Units now no longer have to be given three
separate orders to completely destroy a single GLA structure.
13. GATTLING WEAPONS FIX - All Gattling weapons can no longer be made to fire
through structures by force-firing.
14. STEALTH UNITS - Fixed an issue that caused certain stealth units to appear
on an enemy's radar occasionally.
15. GENERALS CHALLENGE DIFFICULTY - The Generals Challenge campaign will no
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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