MUS 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Così Fan Tutte, Lorenzo Da Ponte, Hildebert

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Hildegard of Bingen: She was one of the most remarkable women of the
middle ages, who was renowned in her days as a poet and prophet and
whose serenely beautiful music has regained popularity in recent years.
Hildegard set many of her own texts to music; her poetry is
characterized by brilliant imagery and creative language. She was born
1098 and died September 17th in 1179. Her parents were Mechtild of
Merxheim-Nahet and Hildebert of Bermersheim, a family of the free
lower nobility in the service of the Count Meginhard of Sponheim.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria, the
son of Leopold Mozart. The most extraordinarily gifted child in the
history of music, he started to composed before he was five; by age
thirteen, he had written sonatas, concertos, symphonies, religious works
and several operas. Mozart reached the peak of his career in the late
1780’s with his three comic operas (The Marriage of Figaro, Don
Giovanni, and Cosi fan tutte) on librettos by Lorenzo da Ponte. He died
on December 4, 1791, shortly before his thirty-sixth birthday due to poor
healthy. One of the outstanding pianist of his time, Mozart also wrote
many works for his own instrument. His piano concertos elevated this
genre to one of prime importance in the Classical era.
Johann Sebastian Bach: Bach is the culminating figure of the baroque
style and one of the giants in the history of music. Born at Eisenach,
Germany, he was raised a Lutheran and followed the family vocation of
organist. At the age of 23, he was appointed to his first important
position: court organist and chamber musician to the duke of Weimar
During his Weimar period (1708-17), Bach’s fame as organ virtuoso
spread, and he wrote many of his most important works for that
Chant: a short musical passage in two or more phrases used for singing
unmetrical words; a psalm or canticle sung to such music.
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