PHL 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Virtue Ethics, Fetus, Zygote

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The ethics of abortion
Virtue Ethics An act is morally acceptable just in case a virtuous person, acting in character,
would do it in that circumstance
Doctrine of the Mean
Fool hardy
Miserly, stingy
Profligate, indulgent
Strengths of virtue theory
- Plausible that internal state is relevant to praiseworthiness and rightness
- Attractive and realistic view of moral education
- Gets a lot of cases right
Weakness of virtue theory
- Adequate moral guidance?
- Who are the exemplars of virtue?
The ethics of abortion
Abortion The termination of a fetus (zygote, embryo) or pregnancy that results in the death of
the fetus.
3 different questions
1. Is abortion access protected by the US Constitution?
2. Should abortion be legal should abortion be protected?
3. Is abortion ever morally okay?
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