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Lecture 6

PHIL-105 FA2 Lecture 6: Lecture Notes 2/10/2017

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PHIL-105 FA2

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Lecture Notes 2/10/2017
Friday, February 10, 2017
12:54 PM
Love has a daimonic structure because it is neither pure hell or heaven and it lingers between the gods
and the humans according to Alcibiades
He argues that Socrates will not love you back and paints a new picture of Socrates
In the Clouds, Streip is removed from the academy and represents someone not particularly smart and is
kind of a pushover
He can't cut it as a philosopher and Socrates doesn't particularly like him
He is invested in convention
Streip continues to ask "why is it worth it" which is completely different than doing something
just because you want to know it
Representative of the common people during the time
There is a grouping together of philosophy and sophistry
Aristophanes may be trying to point out that you can learn from either but whether you
are doing it for the money or not you are still trying to over through a convention even if
that convention is just (no uncritical view of convention)
Nature continues to shit on them
Socrates comes in floating on the air and asks why Streip is calling him "emphiral one"
Maybe comedy can show truth in a way that philosophy just cant
He burns down the thinkery because the gods tell him that deep down this is sick
The Apology is supposedly an accurate portrayal of the speech he actually said on trial
There are the earlier accusers and the later
The ideas given to people by Aristophanes
The two basic charges from Aristophanes' play:
Busying himself with things above the sky and below the earth
Making the worse argument the stronger
Present accusers:
Not believing in the city's gods and believing in other new spiritual things
Corrupting the youth
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