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Lecture 2

PHIL-105 FA2 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Eryximachus, Agathon

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PHIL-105 FA2

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Lecture Notes1/27/2017
Friday, January 27, 2017
12:56 PM
Language and accounting for your words is a major part of Plato's writings and Socrates' life
Love is central to our identity but can we actual give an account of it?
There is a social interpretation of the idea of love which changes how we interact with love itself and
form our relationships
Symposium is taking place at a celebratory dinner party but we don't actually know where it begins
because it is just a story of a story on a walk
The "beginning" of the story itself is Socrates meeting a friend on a walk while on the way to
Apollodorus is a young follower of and possible lover of Socrates who has held the story from
Aristophanes who was there
He establishes a lot of his meaning in life from his relationship of Socrates
He says we are all worthless when compared to Socrates
His nickname is "the maniac"
There is a connection between love and madness
The one who is an actual follower of Socrates is a mad man
Philosophy isn't all just cut and dry rationality
Aristophanes is a former follower of Socrates who was also in love with him
Aristophanes runs into Socrates in the street and he has some really nice sandals on so he questions
where he is going to
Socrates is headed to Agathon's house for dinner to celebrate the award of a tragedy play he
has written
Wore the nice sandals because he is going to the house of young, handsome, rich man
They are all very hungover from last night so they don’t want to drink as much as last night, not as up for
it tonight, so they decide to have the conversation at the second celebration
On the way to the house of Agathon, Socrates just keeps on stopping in the middle of the road and
spacing out, being obsessed with his thoughts, kind of rude
Aristophanes, who wasn't even invited, ends up having to go ahead without him and has to walk
up to the house alone
Aristophanes gets invited into the house anyway but Agathon continues to ask where exactly
Socrates is
Decide to give speeches and praises of love
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