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Lecture 21

PHIL-105 FA2 Lecture Notes - Lecture 21: Social Reproduction, Class Conflict, Proletariat

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PHIL-105 FA2

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Lecture Notes 4/21/2017
A specter is a ghost (dead but still kind of present)
Not completely making its appearance but everyone is feeling its presence
A manifesto is a statement of principles
A floating signifier attaches to things without a concrete meaning
People were labeling people communists without really having a definition for
the word
This work is a work of self-annunciation and analyzing the laws of
Whatever society you look at you, you cannot understand the history of it without
seeing that it is based off the problem of class struggle
Bourgeoisie - the owners of the means of social reproduction
Own the factories and the capital
Proletariat - the class of people who work but do not own the means of production
There is an internal relationship between these two is that they can only be what
they are as long as the other class is what it is
You cannot eliminate one without getting rid of the other as well
Marx says that the bourgeoisie is the most revolutionary class to date
Formal freedom - everyone so long as they have the human form are equally free
The way that Marx identifies communists as different from others is the group
concerned with the state of the proletariat as a whole
Abolish private property is their call to arms
When people charge Marx with saying that buy abolishing private property we are
abolishing individualism and freedom, he says that no the only thing he is
abolishing is bourgeois individualism and bourgeois freedom
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