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Lecture 19

PHIL-105 FA2 Lecture 19: Lecture Notes 4 7

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PHIL-105 FA2

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Lecture Notes 4/7/2017
What is at stake with a genealogy is defining terms so that knowledge and change
can be drawn from it
Genealogy is the origins of something and its ancestors
Priestly asceticism is categorized by self-denial which is also self-cultivation
A saying "no" to this world and is not just a belief
It is much more of a posture - a way of holding oneself, an attitude and is
reinforced by working on affects/body
Its embodied/a mode of feeling/not feeling
Anesthetization - numbing, promotes a certain kind of feeling and gains power
from a grab
A form of life with a certain sense and shape
A value
A self-interpretation in light of that value
A life shaped in accordance with the pursuit of that value and that style of
self-interpretation (various practices, dispositions, affects)
Philosopher is a love of wisdom so you cannot be a philosopher unless you
understand truth
Book 1 - Good versus Evil
Book 2 - Conscience (etc)
Book 3 - Truth
All three books are part of expressions of powerlessness and sublimations of
What is it hostile to? Towards to conditions of life itself, change
To be conscience of what it means to pursue truth,
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