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Lecture 22

PHIL-105 FA2 Lecture 22: Lecture Notes 4 25

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PHIL-105 FA2

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Lecture Notes 4/25/2017
Angela was born in Birmingham and was around 20 during the time of the Letter
She asks the question of Are Prisons Obsolete? Because she is concerned with the
taken for granted quality of the prisons in our world
We cant conceive a world without them and it boggles the mind
Her argument is that the problem isn't what to do once you get rid of the prisons for
the murderers or the rapists. Her argument is that the problem is much more deeper
than that and that the solution is more community based - stop the crimes from
happening in the first place.
Aside from asking are prisons obsolete, she is also asking why is no one asking
this question to begin with
Even if you disagree with her, she still wants to know why this is not being
publically examined - should be questioning the institute that is such a big part
of our day to day lives
A lack in reporting, racial prejudices, numb to prisons, take it for granted
Even if you don’t go to getting rid of the prisons, you are still beginning to see
a lot more about the society
Conclusion of the paper:
1. (If) we do not want racism to determine the future of the planet
a. Uncontroversial and no one would argue with this
2. (If) prisons are racist institutions
3. Then, we need to take seriously the idea that prisons should be eliminated.
Needs to prove in two: are prisons racist institutions? And even if they are, that
they should be eliminated instead of fixed
1. Are prisons racist institutions?
2. Is racism so entrenched in the institution that it is not possible to eliminate one
without the other?
There is kind of genealogy going on in this paper and drawing make the creation of
the prison system is based in the racism that was involved at the time
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