BIO-1801 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Dehydration Reaction, Olive Oil, Sterol

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6 Feb 2017

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Clicker Question: reactions leading from monomers to polymers and back to monomers
dehydration synthesis, hydrolysis
composed predominantly of hydrogen and carbon atoms
defining feature of lipids is that hey are non polar and therefore very insoluble
saturated fats
solid at room temperature
bond is hooked to a carbon molecule (all single bonds)
higher melting point
ex. lard
typically animal fats
unsaturated fasts
there a few double bonds that can be used to attach a hydrogen, composed of
single and double bonds
liquid at room temperature
lower melting point
mono: if there is only one double bonded carbon
poly: if there is more than one double bonded carbon
ex. olive oil
unsaturated fats come from plants
glycerol, 2 fatty acids and a phosphate group
Amphipathic molecule
phosphate region - polar, hydrophilic, head
fatty acid chains- non polar, hydrophilic
Cell membrane is made up of mostly phospholipids
steroids/ sterols
Cholesterol is a sterol
can convert cholesterol to hormones
converts to testosterone and estrogen
hormone is a chemical substance that will have a effect on a living organism or
sterol produced in liver and intestines
use to make cell wall components, hormones and some vitamins
naturally occurs in animals, much less in plants
the trial.
scientist followed a trail from the relationship to heart disease (early 1900s) to
genetic links (1930) to how the body made it (1950s)
discovery of particular types (late 1950s), how they were recognized in the body
(1960s) to how to control them (1990s)
HDL: high density lipoprotein
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