BIO-1801 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Dehydration Reaction, Stereoisomerism, Anabolism

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6 Feb 2017

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Clicker question: the reason water boils at a higher temperature with NaCl added is:
Energy is absorbed by the Na+ and Cl-
Clicker question: what results rom adding a base to solution that is acidic
Increase the pH (remember that increasing pH means making it more basic)
Introductory Concepts
why carbon is special
polarity concepts
functional groups
monomers and polymers
Clicker question: what could result with the carboxyl functional group added to a hydrocarbon
It becomes a hydrophilic compound because it becomes polar and can dissolve in water
molecules / compounds with identical molecular formulas but different
structure/ orientation and chemistry
structural isomers: contain the same atoms but in different bonding
stereoisomers: identical bonding relationships, but the spatial positioning of the
atoms differs in the two isomers
The top one is structural, the bottom is stereoisomers
cis-trans isomer: positioning around double bond
enantiomers: mirror image of another molecule
this changes there chemistry
Monomers to Polymers
mono= 1
combining monomers can create polymers
condensation reaction
hook two molecules together, and then lose a molecule
called a condensation (dehydration synthesis) reaction
condensation is the general term, dehydration is only when with water
Polymers to monomers
hydrolysis reaction: adding molecule of water to break up polymers
Basis of anabolism and catabolism
anabolism: putting molecules together (mono to poly)
catabolism: breaking down (poly to mono)
function: to provide quick energy
composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms in the ration Cn(H2O)
most of the carbon atoms in a carbohydrate are linked to a hydrogen atom and a
hydroxyl group
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