BIO-1801 Lecture Notes - Lecture 24: Kinetochore, Microtubule, Metaphase

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26 Apr 2017
Clicker Questio: Which pertais to the secod geetic code?
aminoacyl-tRNA synthase
Elongation: Charged tRNA brings a new amino acid to the A site
A Peptide bond is formed between the amino acid at the A site and the growing polypeptide
chain. The Ribosome is riding along the mRNA and the ribosome shifts on Condon over, and the
tRNA that was at the A site moves to the P site, and tRNA at the P site is kicked out / exists. This
process keeps repeating.
eventually get to the stop codon
when a stop codon is found in A site, translation ends
a relapse factor comes in and binds to the stop codon at the A site
then the ribosome disassembles
mRNA is released and recycled / the nucleotides will be cut up and
Clicker Question: This occurs in the elongation state in translation
transfer of growing polypeptide chain from P to A site
End of Chapter 14
Cell division
reproduction of cells
mitosis (no genetic variation)
meiosis (genetic variation)
Homologous Chromosomes
diploid or 2n - humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes
haploid or n - gametes have 1 member of each pair
Karyotype is when all the chromosomes are spread out to be viewed
homoglogues, name for each chromosome
that’s why chroosoes are called hoologous
Chromosomes 1-22 are autonomous
Sex chromosome is chromosome 23
Chromatin: collective term for all of the DNA associated proteins in a cells nucleus
Chromosome: A discrete, continuous molecule of DNA wrapped around protein.
Eukaryotic cells contain multiple linear chromosomes whereas bacterial cells each
contain one circular chromosome
Chromatid: one of two identical attached copies that make app a replicated
centromere: a small part of a chromosome that attached sister chromatids to each
Cell Cycle
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