BIO-1801 Lecture Notes - Lecture 22: Telomere, Okazaki Fragments, Dna Replication

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26 Apr 2017
Clicker Question:
A phosphodiester linkage (bond) forms where between two nucleotides?
Carbon #5 and carbon #3
DNA is a double helix and want to replicate it
Strand one of DNA: Template (parental) strand
Strand two of DNA: copy (daughter strand)
How it replicates
there are two template strands because it is a double helix
each of the original two strands replicated as templates for the daughter strands
this is called semiconservative replication
daughter strands are always opposite orientations
Clicker Question: DNA replication is said to be semi conservative because:
A replicated double helix has one old and one new strand
Semicontinuous Replication
DNA helicase
DNA helices separates the DNA
single-strand binding proteins
caps the proteins so nothing reacts with them
as the strand is beginning to unwind, tension forms on one side making it harder to
topoisomerase runs along the end of the molecule to allow the unwinding to
proceed well
all of this is preping the DNA to be replicated
DNA polymerase
put together the nucleotides to make the new strand
The nucleotides that are getting ready to make the new DNA strand are not in their final
form. There are a bunch of nucleotides called deoxynuceleoside triphosphate
ex. A nucleotide that has an adenine on it and has three phosphates on it
first have to remove two of the phosphates from the nucleotides which provides the
energy to hook the nucleotides together to the DNA
DNA polyerase oly works i oe directio, fro 5’ to 3’
DNA replication is called Semidiscontinuous
the replication made continuously is called the leading strand
polymerase needs a primer to get started with
called RNA primer
which is placed there on the DNA by DNA primase
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