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Lecture 25

BIO 1801 Lecture 25: Lecture 25 Bio 1801

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BIO 1801
Ray S.Williams

Clicker Question: Down’s syndrome is an example of: aneuploidy • Law of segregation ◦ if diploid organism with 2 alleles for each trait, during the gametes, gametes will separate for each other, when they recombine in the next generation, TT x tt Tt Tt Tt Tt male gametes go on top female gametes go on the side Tt (male) vs Tt (female) TT Tt Tt tt • TT: homozygous dominant • tt: homozygous recessive • Tt: heterozygous Y=yellow y=green Female: Yy Male: Yy YY Yy Yy yy phentotypic ratio 3:1 (3 yellow, 1 green) Genotypic ratio: 1 YY: 2 Yy : 1 yy Clicker Question: The allele for long fingers F is dominant to short (f) fingers. I f couple both with long fingers has an offspring with short fingers, what must be true? Both Parents are heterozygous for the trait Ft x Ft FF Ft Ft ff Test Cross • Dominant phenotype could be TT or Tt • Recessive phenotype must be tt If plant with dominant phenotype is TT all the offspring will be tall TT x tt Tt Tt Tt Tt Alternatively, if plant with dominant phenotype is Tt, half of the offspring will be tall and half will be dwarf Tt x tt Tt tt Tt tt Dihybrid cross • law of independent assortment ◦ alleles of different genes assort independently of each other during gametes formation • What is the genotype %? • 556 total plants YyRr x YrRr • YR, Yr, yr, yR x YR, Yr, yr, yR YYRR YYRr YyRr
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