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Lecture 22

BIO 1801 Lecture 22: Lecture 22 Bio 1801

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BIO 1801
Ray S.Williams

Clicker Question: A phosphodiester linkage (bond) forms where between two nucleotides? Carbon #5 and carbon #3 • DNA is a double helix and want to replicate it Strand one of DNA: Template (parental) strand Strand two of DNA: copy (daughter strand) • How it replicates ◦ there are two template strands because it is a double helix ◦ each of the original two strands replicated as templates for the daughter strands ◦ this is called semiconservative replication • daughter strands are always opposite orientations Clicker Question: DNA replication is said to be semi conservative because: A replicated double helix has one old and one new strand Semicontinuous Replication • DNAtopoisomerase • DNA helicase ◦ DNA helices separates the DNA • single-strand binding proteins ◦ caps the proteins so nothing reacts with them • as the strand is beginning to unwind, tension forms on one side making it harder to unwind ◦ topoisomerase runs along the end of the molecule to allow the unwinding to proceed well • all of this is preping the DNA to be replicated • DNA polymerase ◦ put together the nucleotides to make the new strand • The nucleotides that are getting ready to make the new DNA strand are not in their final form. There are a bunch of nucleotides called deoxynuceleoside triphosphate ◦ ex. A nucleotide that has an adenine on it and has three phosphates on it • first have to remove two of the phosphates from the nucleotides which provides the energy to hook the nucleotides together to the DNA • DNA polymerase only works in one direction, from 5’ to 3’ •
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