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Lecture 20

BIO 1801 Lecture 20: Lecture 20 Biology 1801

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Appalachian State University
BIO 1801
Ray S.Williams

Clicker Question: Which phase of aerobic respiration does not occur in the mitochondria Glycolysis Clicker Question: Which of these results from the energy investment phase of glycolysis fructose-1,6-biphosphate Clicker Question: Carbon dioxide is produced in: Krebs cycle and formation of acetyl-CoA Total at the end of Krebs Cycle 4 ATP: 2 in glycolysis, 2 Kreb cycle 10 NADH: 2 glycolysis, 2 acyelte CoA, 6 in krebs cycle 2 FADH2: 1 in each turn of krebs cycle Electron Transport Chain • energy carrying molecules, NADH and FADH2 are going to be oxidized which makes NAD+ and FADH2 becomes FAD+ • the electron is passed along and eventually ends up reducing oxygen ◦ oxygen is the final electron acceptor ▪ results in the production of water • ATP synthase ◦ enzyme which will move hydrogen ion down the electrochemical gradient and phosphorylate ATP • called oxidative phosphorylation ◦ ADP + pi = ATP • Chemiosmosis ◦ osmosis using hydrogen ions • Energy Currency Output of Aerobic Respiration ◦ from electron transport chain: ▪ NADH = 3 ATP each ▪ FADH2 = 2 ATP each ◦ from glycolysis and krebs cycle ▪ 4 atp ◦ 34-38 atp • 34 created in electron transport chain + 4 created in glycolysis and krebs cycle • started with molecule of glucose, in glycolysis, broke it and make pyruvate, then acetyl CoA • without oxygen, only get 2 which is in glycolysis ◦ throw in krebs cycle, get two more • The present of oxygen in the electron transport chain liberates huge amounts of ATP • ATP synthase ◦ complicated protein with lots of domains, generates ATP by phosph
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