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Lecture 15

BIO 2400 Lecture 15: Ch. 15 cont

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Appalachian State University
BIO 2400
Annkatrin Rose

Ch. 15 cont. • Changes in chromatin structure and/or changes in chromosomal compaction o Heterchromatin vs euchromatin o Closed formation vs open formation • Chromatin remodeling • Other Types of Gene Regulation o DNA methylation ▪ Carried out by DNA methyltransferase ▪ Usually inhibits transcription if near promoter ▪ 2-7% of the DNA is methylated ▪ Can be inherited (genomic imprinting) • Post- Transcription Gene Regulation o RNA processing: ▪ Alternative Splicing ▪ Involves proteins known as splicing factors • Play a key role in the choice of splice sites • Affect splice site recognition by the Spliceosome o RNA stability: ▪ Length of poly-A tail ▪ Destabilizing sequences • Splicing Repressor o Enhance or repress slicing action • Translational Regulation o Translational repressors ▪ Regulatory proteins ▪ Bind to mRNA and prevent it from being translated ▪ Found in prokaryotes and eukaryotes o Antisense RNA ▪ Forms double strand with mRNA and prevents translation ▪ Sometimes used to manipulate gene expression in transgenic organisms  Which of the mechani
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