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Lecture 13

CJ 2430 Lecture 13: PAROLE

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Criminal Justice
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CJ 2430
Catherine Marie Davis Marcum

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PAROLE Similar to probation in terms of requirements met Parole is conditional release from incarceration Alexander Maconochi: Australian. Graduated release from incarceration. Ticket of leave Strict imprisonment Chain gang labor More freedom in areas Ticket of leave (parole) Complete release Sir Walter Crofton Intermediate system Zebulon brothers Used parole in the El Myra reformatory in the late 1800s e Parole Economically efficient Dont have to feed or house them Helps with reintegration Dont always get parole - have to petition to receive it Discretionary parole Early release as determined by a parole board Petition for parole Ive done the programs pleading your case Can have letters written for or against your case Mandatory release Inmate has served good time + time served = total sentence Ex. 10 sentenced years 4 years of good time + 6 years total served = 10 years Expiration release Have to let you go Parole questioned because of severe rates of raising violence Institutional program Manage time oppressiveness The more idle they are, the more shit they get into Keep them busy Principle of least eligibility Societal perception that inmates should be lease eligible for programming and resources that are above the requirement of the law Vocational Training - teach skills Suffers the most because of Principle of least eligibility More specialized programs get cut Rehab Substance abuse Sex offender programming Most diffi
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