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Lecture 4

CSD 3366 Lecture 4: CSD 3366 Chapter 4 Review

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Communication Sciences And Disorders
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CSD 3366
Emily Lakey

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Chapter 4 Review • Motor control can be defined as muscle movement and the sensory feedback that informs the brain of the extent of the movement • Touch is the first sense to develop in utero • The ability to remain unresponsive to background noise is called selective attention • At 20 weeks gestation, a fetus’s inner ear is completely formed and it’s hearing is functional • Around 8-10 months, synaptogenesis occurs in babies in the frontal lobe, specializing cells and ridding of unneeded ones • Gene expression can be disrupted by mutations in genetics and by prenatal environmental factors • At two months, an infant develops oral muscle control and begins to start and stop vocal movements • Phonotactic organization consists of o Phonotactic regularities o Phonotactic probabilities • Integrative rehearsal is the use of repetition and rehearsal to transfer information into long- term memory • At 5 months, most children will respond to the sound of their name being cal
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