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Lecture 14

CJ 3400 Lecture 14: CJ 3400 3:7

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Appalachian State University
Criminal Justice
CJ 3400
Matt Robinson

CJ 3400 3/7/17 Jim and Jim • Identical twins that were raised in different houses o Both had: o Law enforcement training o Blueprinting, drafting, and carpentry o 1st wives names Linda o Son named james allen o Dog named toy Molecular Genetic Studies • Identify a specific gene and try to determine its function • There are different versions of the same genes o Alleles • Is allelic variation related to different outcomes? o Serious crime? • Examples o Peg 3/Mest genes- good mother genes ▪ Regulates oxytocin- love hormone o Nr2el gene- Fierce gene o Genes liked to violence, aggression, antisocial behaviors include certain alleles of DRD2, DRD4, 5HTT, COMT, MAOA ▪ DR- Dopamine receptor ▪ 5HITT- Serotonin transfer ▪ COMT and MAOA- enzymes o DAT1 gene- externalizing behavior gene (aggression, delinquency, and destructive) Keep in mind • Human behavior are complex and are thus affected by numerous genes
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