DAN 3430 Lecture 3: Classical Period

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16 Aug 2016
Sunday, April 10, 2016
Classical Period
Ballet - 1725-1820
-At the time of Louis XIV death in 1715
ballet de cour - court ballet with emphasis on social graces, social dance forms and
honoring the royal presence - comique de la reine to ballet de la NUIT
comédie-ballet: ballet joined with theatre and music to create a form of musical
theatre - Moliere and Lully
tragedie-ballete: ballet about serious subject matter with elaborate scenography -
Lully liked this kind - Psyche
Le Triumphe de L’amour (1681) - 1st professional women dancers supplant the
male en travesty dancer - Mademoiselle de La Fontaine
-18th century ballet forms
tragedies lyriques
opera ballets
pantomime ballets
operas - comiques
ballet d’action
-Age of enlightenment/age of reason: characteristics
descartes and descartian dualism
deism challenges specifically in conventional religious traditions
scientific inquiry becomes more important
the encyclopedic movement ( diderot 1751)
challenge of democracy (america and france)
public education and self education
rise of the bourgeois
fundamental belief in progress
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