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Lecture 10

GLY 1103 Lecture 10: Glaciers

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GLY 1103
Brian Zimmer

Glaciers Addition and Subtraction Zone of Accumulation growing glacier Zone of Ablation shrinking glacier Equilibrium Line boundary between zones If accumulation = ablation the toe stays the same Advance when accumulation > ablation Retreat when accumulation < ablation Glaciers= meteorite hunters paradise Majorly change landscapes, strips the ground to bedrock Glacier Outwash Plains braided rivers dominate due to high sediment levels Glacier paths through history can be tracked by striations, Ushaped valleys, hanging valleys, cirques, aretes (ridgelines), horns, or truncated spurs End Moraines mark the maximum extent of a glaciation During the last ice age, glaciers extended to Pennsylvania Kettle Lakes small, porthole lakes caused by glaciers calving large blocks of ice into sediment Drumlins teardrop shaped landforms caused when glaciers move over soft land Eskers snake shaped landform from when sediment choked a channel out Sea Level Ice ages cause sea level to rise and fall Water is stored on land during ice age sea level falls Deglaciation returns water to the oceans sea level rises Sea Level ~100 m lower during the Wisconsin
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