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Lecture 18

GLY 1842 Lecture 18: oct 21 notes

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Appalachian State University
GLY 1842
Andrew Heckert

find more resources at ==oct 21 NEXT WEEK nova on building na watch all the unit 4 links sexual dimorphism - argued about in dinosaurs - problem : sample size - birds have strong dimorphism - crocodilians weak dimorphism - ^ so its probable but not super provable Aetosaurs - primitive terrestrial herbivorous? - only lived in late triassic - app crew collected a cask - hobby animal - art department making a gorgertosuchus (2015) thingy rauisuchians / crocodylomorphs - upright carnivorous terrrestrial - only lived in late triassic time - postosuchus is most famous - “big” 4+ m long - big bad predator of the time Pterosaurs - flying reptiles - TR - K - dino bird line— archosaurs - not dinosaurs. not birds. - but are bird lineeeeeee (more primitive than earliest dinosaur) - 1st flying vertebrae - 123 digits little, 4 digit is very extended - pretty small animal at first, over time got huge Lagosuchus not quite a dinosaur, slightly more primitive than earliest dinosaur Silesaurs close but still not a dinosaur the hypothetical ancestor 4-5digits (iv & v smaller) biped
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